Friday, July 15, 2016

Do we have to worship ONLY Celtic Gods?

So one of the things that our members have asked us about is, is it OK for us to worship non-Celtic deities along with the Celtic deities.  We feel that this is an entirely important question to answer for everyone.

Sylvan Celtic Fellowship is set up as a modern Pagan spirituality organization.   We realize that individual peoples have varying needs for their spirituality.   The Celtic pantheons are just one avenue that people may wish to worship.    We make no demands on our members to worship only Celtic Gods.   We feel that every person has the right to worship whatever Gods they choose to worship.   Our ancestors did not exist in a vacuum.    Worship of the Gods was not something limited to only those Gods that originated in Celtic lands.   

Sylvan Celtic Fellowship and its teachings are Celtic focused because we feel that it is best for the ORGANIZATION to do one thing and do it to the best of our abilities.    And although we focus as an organization on strictly the Celtic deities and folkways, we do not expect our members to solely worship Celtic Gods.   Every person's walk with the divine is theirs and theirs alone.   The Fellowship is polytheist friendly so your household Gods are up to you.   So while our public rituals will be Celtic in focus, how our members worship in their own homes is up to their heart's calling.