Friday, August 12, 2016

About Us, An Explanation in Three Parts. Part 1

In our last post we fielded a question from one of our members and this got us to thinking.   We have written a descriptions about us but we really have not covered this in an explanation of said description.    So as a service to our members and those seeking we would like to take the time to touch on a few things about just who we are as Sylvan Celtic Fellowship.

Firstly we refer to ourselves as a Fellowship.  One of the definitions of the word "fellowship" is: "friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests".   SCF aims to be a Celtic focused spirituality organization.    As an organization we feel that narrowing our focus to things Celtic allows us to concentrate on one thing so that we can do it to the best of our abilities.   So as a fellowship we aim to be an association who share a common interest in Celtic culture and Celtic Spirituality in all of its forms.  Speaking of Celtic Spirituality in all its forms...

Sylvan Celtic Fellowship embraces all forms of modern Celtic worship.   These include, but are not limited to, Celtic Reconstructed Polytheism, Celtic influenced Wicca, Druidry, and even Celtic Christianity.   We embrace these various types of spirituality because we wish to be inclusive to all people who are touched by all things Celtic.  As long as Celtic languages have existed there have been different religions embraced by the people speaking those languages.  And let's face it in our modern times everyone has their own opinions about how to practice a Celtic spiritual path.   Although in Sylvan Celtic Fellowship we are crafting a path of our own, we want to be welcoming to any and all folks who practice myriad and various forms of Celtic spirituality.

As to how we are organized...   When we founded the Fellowship we wanted to do something different.   We wanted to be more than a Druid organization.   There are plenty of Druid groups out there so we wanted to aim for something new.   We wanted to shoot for something that would be akin to something our ancestors would have known.    So we looked to the idea of crafting a modern tribal system.   We wanted something that our members could craft to suit their needs for group worship.  Where members of like mind could form a cohesive tribe to enhance their spiritual experience. 
We also wanted to examine Druids within a tribal setting and to view them as the role they were to our ancestors.   By seeing Druid as a role instead of a religion we feel is truer to how the original Druids were.  We also feel that by seeing Druid as a role we can promote better cooperation across the Druid community.   But we will be delving more into those aspects of SCF in our follow ups blogs.

Next Up, Druids and their roles in our Fellowship.

Domhnall Irvine
Chancellor, SCF

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